Facial Recognition – <strong>Beneficial or Intrusive?</strong>

The AI story is well documented and examined worldwide. From Elon Musk’s BIG NO to artificial intelligence to AI robot  – Sophia, who clearly jokes of destroying humans when asked. We all are familiar with such robotonomics and movies which say that it is the artificial sentient being who will take over the earth, unless Humans decide to think otherwise!


AI is helpful to people in many ways, reducing the manual effort and automating certain important tasks. But research in this field, has grown many folds and now the technology has been created where you can use it in Attendance systems, Alert mechanisms and many other significant fields.

China's "Eagle Eyes" gives a complete analysis of student emotions

The one we are going to talk about is Face-reading (no, I’m not talking about astrologers or fortune-tellers). Advancements in AI have reached to such levels where AI tech. can read faces and note certain behaviors which can be the data required by institutions, organization to measure productivity, interest and other aspects. Such a machine based learning technology is already created and being tested in a School at Hangzhou, China. What more does a teacher in a class, wants – to be listened and helpful to students.


Orahi’s AI technology is already tracking School Buses with its IOT devices and sending alerts to Parents for their location, pickup/drop planning etc. We have developed a system where Schools can place our Camera setup and get attendances via our Face Recognition Technology. We have been testing our AI with Schools, which can read student emotions, real-time in the class. The system recognizes many emotions a student faces while they are being tutored in class. There categories are:

  • Surprised
  • Attentive
  • Angry
  • Happy
  • Disgusted
  • Confused
  • Stressed
A sample test of emotions of few students while they were being tutored online.

These emotions combined with other gestures which can be learned by the AI system can give data, which can be used to –

a) focus on students who lack behind and have issues
b) change or optimize teaching method by teachers.


Orahi’s facial recognition technology is already being tested in Schools for Attendance management and soon it will take shape to behavior analysis, which may even help schools to have better monitoring over their students. There is a huge scope in improvising the technology and can be helpful in detecting future mishaps or at the least predicting them. This will also help in revolutionizing the whole Education system and initializing an intrusive free system working on its own!