<strong>LOCATE YOUR CHILDREN</strong> while they go to School!

Wouldn’t it be nice, if you knew your child’s bus is 1km away from your Bus stop? You would save a lot of time and you can better plan your daily pickups and drops – means less worry and stress, plus a better management for your family.

Technologies have surpassed our expectations and Orahi has successfully invented a way for you to make it a beneficial service for you. GPS – Global Positioning System, was always a service that was in your smartphone to maneuver your ways and navigating to a destination. Based on that, Orahi has created an app, in collaboration with your School, to locate your child & the School bus. When you open the app, you see your Bus Pickup and Drop groups which can be used to see the route. You can check Bus’s location and can also get notifications to remind you that Bus is on the way!

The most significant feature of the app is the LIVE bus location, which you can see on the map while searching for your child’s Bus. With the help of School, all the bus stops for your Bus route are mapped and the smart Push notification service comes into play, even if your phone is in standby mode or the app is in background. Every Bus stop notification reminds to have a look at the Bus’s location and you can even mute for the stops which you don’t need notifications. The service is the most accurate and precise way to keep an eye whenever your child is out of home.

Parents don’t need to worry about their kid’s location as Orahi LOCATE helps them in keeping an eye out!
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