<strong>Project Pehchaan</strong> – a Smart School Initiative

We may have heard in news or certain scientific conventions that the future is here. We may even have experienced the technological advancements in our daily lives. There is a thin line between the future and the present which is separated by the experience barrier.


Where many applications are working on the best possible future, Orahi, has innovated a home-grown and tested functionality which comes under PROJECT PEHCHAANIndia’s first Facial Recognition based Attendance & Bus Tracking solution. Children spend most of the time in their Schools and they are not in Parent supervision. School and its staff take the sole accountability for all the children, from boarding into the School Bus to entering the Class. It’s easy to say but difficult to act while keeping track of each & every child activity. This is what Orahi wants to target with its technology based model – Orahi LOCATE. With Project Pehchaan in place, Orahi combines all those services which are required by the Schools in monitoring their students and extending the tech to Parents.


Our small and minimalistic hardware devices like GPS devices, Wifi HD Cameras are placed in Bus, Class and School campus. With our AI (Artificial Intelligence) based model and self-learning technology, the devices are able to communicate with our app and send essential data to end-user devices. Like for instance, our machinery is able to recognize child faces in every session and optimizes itself till it is perfect. Sometimes, the positioning needs a little nudge, which Orahi’s field team handles in co-operation with the Admin authority at School or let’s take another example of GPS location of Buses, which can be accurately projected to end users via our app. Parents constantly get informed about their children and School gets the whole analysis and reporting on the dashboard.

With an approximate of 315 million children who are studying in different School across India, Project Pehchaan aims to include all those Schools and collaborate with them to create a safe and secured environment for children to build their future!


Project Pehchaan’s sole aim is to be as much transparent as possible with Parents and Schools. With all the data, we create a useful interpretation which School and Parents can comprehend and take conclusions out of them. For an administration point of view, Schools become more active and respond to reports that are generated thus making the whole experience better for children as well as their Parents.

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