Top 10 reasons for corporate people to use #Peace of Mind

Recent studies show that”Over 60% of corporate people miss their office cabs daily”. Chances to miss an office cab increases to 90%, when you are not aware of where it could be, at a particular time.You just keep making a guess and get ready accordingly.You either reach stop late or early.

Apparently, no one likes to wait for a corporate cab in hot summers, when the temperature outside is approx 40-degree Celsius. Even no one will like to get drenched in sweat while waiting. So, we are here to get your problem solved with Orahi – Peace of Mind.

Orahi – Peace of Mind

For: Corporate people who commute office by cabs

What to do?

  • Download Orahi app & go to Peace of Mind.
  • Create a group named “cab, office, corporate” and Add Member to the group,( Cab driver, other members of cab )
  • Add Places i.e your Home, Stop 1, Stop 2 & Office
  • Switch on Entry/Exit alerts for these places.
  • Now when your cab starts from destination, you will get alerts

Travel safe,” Whenever & Wherever”. Download the app:

These are the top 10 reason for corporate people to use #Peace of Mind

  • Built in Check -in feature to let your group members know where you are. You can make groups like Gym and add members to it whom you work out with.
  • Always get notified of your Mom if she has returned safely from temple or grocery shopping.
  • Get Notification history for each and every member.
  • Built in SOS feature, for an emergency.
  • You’ll get to see battery level of every member.

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