Game Of Rides

Ever played a game? Now play here too on Orahi.

Start your game of rides today and move up the ranks! Complete your ride missions and achieve new LEVELS to unlock your amazing Gifts.

Also its not just achieving the number of rides, you also have to be fast. Complete the ride missions in the lowest days possible to get a higher rank and to jump to a new level. At each Level, you compete for a target of rides and take away a beautiful gift with you!

So you start from Level 1. Here are the offers for you –

First 10 members (5 Passengers | 5 Car-owners) to reach 10 rides get –



First 10 members (5 Passengers | 5 Car-owners) to reach 20 rides get –



Then there’s level 2 

First 10 members (5 Passengers | 5 Car-owners) to reach 12 rides get –













First 4 members (2 Passengers | 2 Car-owners) to reach 25 rides get –













With additional 1% cashback on your rides!!!

But wait, there’s more! Once you reach accomplish this milestone, there are more levels and prizes to look forward to.

So keep in mind, its not only about rides. Its a race and you have to win it.

Stay Tuned…More levels and gifts coming soon!

Terms & Conditions: 

1. Users will have to complete 3-tier verification.
2. Prize distribution is based on first completion of the settle payment event.
3. If there is a tie among 2 members, then the person who had finished the ride first, will be declared the winner.
4. Any malpractice detected in case of completion of rides will result in disqualification of that user for that month.
5. Orahi is subjected to modify/withdraw offers at its own discretion.