How not to ruin long weekends #PeaceofMind

Long weekends are on the way, so are the unplanned trips.This time don’t be afraid of late night travels & last minute cancellation as your loved ones have no excuses to stop you. Orahi – Peace of Mind is just not a feature, its an assistance for safer travels.From late night party to late night travel, solo trips or with friends trip, it is always there to make you feel relaxed as your loved ones are always connected .Create a group , Add members, Add places of on route cities to keep away yourself from concerned calls. It’s a free access to secure expedition

                                                                    Travel Safe,” Whenever & Wherever”

Features :

  • You can send SOS alerts in an emergency  (Ex-Car broke down or got stuck in jam)
  • Check in options to get notify your group that you have reached the destination.(Ex- Gym, College,Dance )
  • Notify only those whom you want to
  • Battery level Indicator 

Peace Of Mind  can also be used in the cases like:

  • All parents who send their kids to coaching center and are worried daily till they are back
  • All those women who do the most difficult thing daily – work and manage the house.
  • Your elderly parents and grand-parents
  • All of you who travel extensively and family is constantly worried

Try it today. It’s simple, it’s FREE and it’s very useful.Download the app: