Last weekend of 2016!!!

Here we are at last, the last weekend of 2016.

This is the time for celebration. This is the time to have fun. Its the time to bring the family together, no matter how far and embrace the coming year together. Talk about all the joyous moments of the year with you loved ones, have a few laughs, have dinner and drinks together as we welcome 2017.

new-year-parties-delhi2016 may not have been good to everyone, but there would be moments to cherish. Just remember those, and have a good time. New years eve is all about good times. Some people go out to party, some people invite their friends and family over to have a nice dinner party.

Sometimes its a pre-birthday celebration for people who are born on 1st Jan. The same can be said for people having their wedding anniversaries on the same date.


newyearsresolutionsIts the celebration of birth in some homes as they prepare to welcome some new born babies to their home. For children, its just a day to party, meet their cousins and have fun together.

And how can we forget, its also the time of new year resolutions. We set our goals of what we want to achieve in the upcoming year. Most of us fail, but when we finally achieve that goal, it is a proud moment.


There’s a saying, ‘Respect the past, and embrace the future‘. So do just that, and look good doing it.
Celebrate the ending of 2016, and let’s welcome 2017 together.


So in this festive atmosphere, to all you from Orahi family, we wish you a Happy New Year!!!