Orahi, Now a Super-Startup!

Its not easy to start a company, let alone to make it a brand. Its a start-up, its a difficult job to sustain it. But just imagine, what if you not only create a brand, but also you have been given a title of a Super-Startup recognizable across the world.

Something similar happened to us…

On October 2nd 2016, Superbrands launched Super Start-Ups India. In a nationwide series of polls, thousands of internet users across 25 cities voted for their favorite Start Up sites.

Out of 6000 eligible Start Ups only about 400 progressed to stage 2. A thorough and exhaustive selection process followed, which leads to a final set of 40 Start Ups going on to win this coveted award. Based on analysis and aggregate scores of over 1 lac reviews, a brand is conferred this honor!

This honor makes a brand stand out in the online ecosystem. It will send a clear signal to team members, media, users, competitors, as well as investors, both national and international – Superbrands operates in 91 countries!

But anyone doesn’t just become a Superbrand. There are a few research approach’s as well as a few methodologies taken in consideration before giving a company this huge title.

Quantitative online interviews were conducted among a large group of people. These users are registered and verified by the portal. The users were asked to rate the brand on 5 parameters:

  1. Awareness – They ask users were asked if they have heard of the company.
  2. Uniqueness – They ask the respondents to score the company on its uniqueness on a scale 1-10.
  3. Creativity  – “How creative is the concept?”, the users then score the company on this basis from 1 to 10.
  4. Relevance – Is this company ‘Relevant and Useful’ to you. The users then score the company on its relevance and usefulness on a scale 1-10.
  5. Delivery – Can the company deliver what it promises?

The level of user engagement was also assessed. Based on the overall rating and a combination of the above factors, they determine if a brand is a Super-Startup.

When these tests were taken for Orahi, they came to the following conclusion,

With efforts made by Orahi to stay ahead of the curve by innovating and staying  relevant, it scores high on each of our Super-Startup parameters as well as user engagement factors.

With an overall rating of 8.2


So today, with all the hard-work that we have done over the years, and with all the love and support you have given to us, we are proud to say that

Out of 6000 start-ups across India Orahi has earned the title of Super-Startup.

Thank You!