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With our pragmatic approach to provide IoT solutions and services

Our 4×4 Agile approach

•We define the scope of your project after gathering requirements.

•We develop a demo for your POC

•We organize workshops with stakeholders to drive the vision

Proof Of Concept

•Use feedback from POC for insights into use cases and scenarios.

•Workshops with stakeholders to make user stories and make a roadmap.

•We design the architecture of the project.

We deploy the development environment.

•We define agile project management and governance.

Minimum Viable Product

•Define a monetization strategy for the project and prioritize the backlog.

•Deploy a robust monitoring automation approach to check the system real-time.

•Undertake testings of the system to find issues, bugs and security loopholes.

Minimum Lovable Product

Live Production

•We deploy the project and configure it as per usage and performance.

•Define SLA requirements and manage them.

•We make a timeline for feature releases.

•We define the change process request.

EV Charging

Industry 4.0

Asset Monitoring

Data Analytics

Digital Application Developement

Track & Trace

Connected Living

We provide services in :

Our IoT-enablement platform is Nebula

Considering Data to be the new oil, Nebula is built to be your IoT data refinery. Nebula can rapidly prototype, build, deploy, and scale enterprise-grade digital applications.

Nebula's architecture :

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