Refer A Friend….Make Money Along The Way!!!

How many times have you experienced something, where you think that your friend would also like this?

Now there’s a simple way. Just refer your friend of ORAHI through a referral link in the offers page. And not just that. Once your referred friend registers, he gets a FREE first ride and you get earn tokens in your ORAHI account.

And don’t just stop at one,


And it doesn’t stop there. After referring 30 friends, you would still earn at Rs 50 per referral!

So it doesn’t matter if you don’t have change of Rs.500 and Rs.1000, your friend gets a free ride, and you earn tokens in your account.

So, share your referral link in your whatsapp groups, mails, and other platforms and encourage your friends and family to register. Because once they register through the link you shared, you earn cash.

So Start today !!!!

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