Share the Goodness!

Caring is sharing and it’s daring to do it every day! And now the extent of your sharing is not limited. Feel the Goodness by sharing among your Community members!

What you will receive?
Satisfaction – Just like Our community member, Shilpi.

Recently one of our Orahi Community members, Shilpi, a corporate employee like yourself, drove last weekend to Rajasthan. While she was travelling on the outskirts, she saw some people harvesting Honey from bees without harming the bees. She immediately ran to get a know-how on the same. On speaking with them she understood the amazing properties of Pure Honey.

The Hive reminded her of Orahi community where people come together and share.

We live in a city and have access to almost everything. However, still there are some people who work hard to earn daily bread-butter or, to be more specific, ‘Daal-Roti’

So she instantly picked up some jars for this reason alone, so that she can share the wellness and goodness of something pure with the community.

“It was absolutely amazing to receive a mail from Shilpi expressing her interest to share the Goodness with fellow community members of Orahi. So we decided to instantly help in sharing the goodness and be a part of this amazing process” says Sameer Khanna, CEO @ Orahi

Shilpi has graciously decided to distribute the Jars to fellow community members at the original cost.

Get a 500 gram Jar of Honey at just ₹400

Shilpi’s family driver will deliver these to your house in Gurgaon. Taste it, love it and share it! Hurry! So open your app, go-to the offers section and order now!

As a part of our community, if you have some ideas/products like these which you want to share with your fellow members, write us back at [email protected]

Enjoy sharing with Orahi !